Interim Support Provides Knowledge Transfer To New Hire

Client: Small Private Social & Rehabilitation Organization
Requirement: Interim Management Services – Director of Finance

Business Situation

The client had experienced turnover in their Finance Director and Finance Assistant roles and were in need of interim management services to maintain productivity until they could ultimately hire a replacement. With bringing on interim support, the client was also interested in the better utilization of the existing software such as FE, RE and Excel, setting up budget tracking by funding stream in their FE system, and setting up an A/R system with on-demand information.

ProNexus Solution

ProNexus was engaged by the client to provide interim management services, assigning a Senior Accounting and Finance Manager with extensive industry experience as their Interim Director of Finance. ProNexus was responsible for staff oversight, implementing a less cumbersome and faster month end close, financial reporting and analysis and grant vouchering, as well as supporting capital projects and providing documentation of all procedures. Once the client has identified a replacement, ProNexus will train, transition and transfer knowledge to the new hire accordingly.

Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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