ProNexus Provides Important IT Security Audit to Client

Client: Large Publicly-Held Commercial Bank
Requirement: Internal Audit Services

Business Situation:

The client is a local bank that acts as a holding company and along with its subsidiaries; the client offers a range of retail and commercial banking, trust and wealth management, and investment services. The client must meet several Federal and State regulations and is having difficulty finding highly qualified Information Technology Security Auditors/Consultants to assist them with their on-going internal compliance audits.

ProNexus Solution:

ProNexus was engaged by the client to augment their internal audit staff with a highly qualified Information Technology Security Auditor. ProNexus assigned a consultant to the Bank to assist them with their audit needs.

ProNexus has been an asset to the Bank due to their knowledge and use of the tools used by the Bank during audits, such as: Archer, Teammate, AD Helper, Service Manager. So far the consultant has completed the IT Security Audit portion of Corporate Accounting which included technologies such as Mainframe (ACF2), z/OS, DB2, Windows, SQL Server, and the security reviews around applications, databases, servers, and file systems.

ProNexus’ next audit at the Bank is Items Processing and the consultant is involved from Planning to Reporting. This includes all of the IT Security Audit engagement, from the business and technology partners – to the vendors. This particular audit will also include cyber-security reviews around their DMZ. ProNexus is providing the highly qualified Information Technology Security Auditor and the Bank is benefiting for their knowledge and qualifications. The client was extremely satisfied with the placement of ProNexus’ consultant, who was a highly qualified Information Technology Security Auditor. As a result, the Fortune 500 Bank has extended the consultant beyond the initial engagement for future technology, Security and Cyber Security Audits.

The audit team at the bank is extremely pleased with the performance, professionalism and diligence of the consultant and the Bank is continuing to augment their staff with highly qualified and energized ProNexus consultants to their team.

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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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