Key Management Turnover Leads To Long-Term Outsourcing Solution

Client: Small Private Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealer
Requirement: Interim Management Services – Controller

Business Situation

The client was experiencing turnover within their key management team (Office Manager) over the years, and their current Office Manager had some technical accounting limitations when it came to properly handling non-reoccurring, new issues. The client also expressed some Finance & Accounting related concerns, such as their recent implementation of a new POS system (DX1) and financial system (QuickBooks Pro) to replace their previous system (Infinity). With this implementation, there had been post go-live challenges with data transfer / migration which had impacted their ability to stay current with accurate financial reporting. While they believed that the accounting records were current and accurate through 10/31/14, financial activities for November and December remained to be closed.

ProNexus Solution

ProNexus assigned a consultant with industry specific experience at a Controller level, combined with QuickBooks and retail POS systems acumen, to engage in a four-fold task for the business client: 1) ramp-up quickly to understand the DX1 POS system and its integration with QuickBooks software, 2) assist in expediting the financial closing for the months of November and December for generation of full-year reporting, 3) review and assess the current state of accounting procedures (daily, weekly and monthly) and make recommendations for improvements, and 4) simplify the structure and use of QuickBooks for effective use in financial statement reporting and performance against budget analysis. ProNexus also assisted in training relevant office personnel in newly established process improvements, and longer-term, supported the client in providing ongoing, part-time outsourced Controller services.

Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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