Reduced ERP Implementation Risk Through Project Management Services

Client: Small Private Manufacturer
Requirement: Consulting & ERP Support Services

Business Situation

The client had recently merged together several different, smaller companies, and was in the process of integrating them and consolidating their manufacturing operations. Having a relatively new executive team which was still forming into an effective working group, the company had many “moving parts,” not the least of which was integrating their business operations.

The company was using Quickbooks and a myriad of Excel spreadsheets, mostly manual processes. The client had limited visibility to inventory which hindered their ability to fulfill orders and make commitments as well as a lack of understanding when it came to product costs. They decided to implement an ERP system and independently selected Epicor 10. The client was in need of an overall Project Manager, as they did not have anyone who could function in that capacity.

ProNexus Solution

ProNexus was engaged by the client to bring the rigor of formal project management to perform the ERP system implementation. By immersing the core project team and making efficient and productive use of their time with project related matters, ProNexus was able to help organize the work and provide oversight and direction as well as be a direct contributor. ProNexus also managed the involvement of the Value Added Reseller from whom the client purchased the software, and who was providing product-knowledgeable consultants to the team. The arrangement was somewhat representative of what we call a “co-sourcing” arrangement.

ProNexus kept relentless focus on helping the company achieve its desired business outcomes by focusing on instilling “best practice” business processes, and helping to identify and manage project risks, determine key business performance indicators, and establish targets while ensuring a timely resolution of all design issues. ProNexus will continue to develop and implement a formal communication and change-management plan, to engage the entire organization at the appropriate points during the implementation up to and beyond go-live.

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Post by Kaitlin Alfvin

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