Replace key accounting and finance professionals without losing productivity with our accounting and finance staffing solutions. Immediate access to our team on an interim or long-term basis.

Whether your need arises due to resignations, terminations, sick or parental leave, or any other reason, our accounting and finance staffing solutions provide experts who will hit the ground running.

ProNexus, LLC helped us when we had a resignation of a key employee, and helped us implement a new budget process system, as well as the new lease standards implementation. I knew they had a good reputation and I worked very well with them.”
Trisha Koczent, CFO, Finger Lakes Health

ProNexus interim and loan staff/staffing solutions will handle your day-to-day responsibilities with industry expertise and allow you to:

  1. Address immediate requirements and maintain productivity
  2. Provide additional time to identify the right long-term solution
  3. Mitigate the risk of making a costly hiring mistake

Maintain productivity while searching to hire accounting and finance candidates. Once a full-time replacement is found, we transition knowledge and responsibilities to them for a seamless solution.

Ways to use our team:

  • Interim – when you need knowledge and experience to maintain productivity, for any period of time, due to gaps in your department.
  • Interim-to-hirewhen you need interim services and you can potentially meet your long-term hiring needs with the person assigned to your account.
  • Fractional –when you have a need for accounting and finance support on a part-time, as-needed basis.
  • Projectwhen you need specialized knowledge, expertise, or bandwidth to solve a problem or advance a specific initiative with defined activities and deliverables.
  • Retained – when you need to find the perfect employee at any level.

Our Process:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) agreed upon
  • The position is filled with interim, fractional, or loan staff
  • Transition with incumbent if applicable
  • Engagement is completed
  • Complete a knowledge transfer and transition new hire, or retain interim or loan staff
Interim CFO Completes & Recommends Ideas For Budget

Remote Staff/Team

No matter your needs or capabilities, we have solutions so our team can work securely from home. Our dedicated team of technical professionals will help you choose the best setup for your organization.

On-Site Staff/Team

Whether you need one person or an entire project team, we will assign you experienced professionals to be onsite and meet your requirements. Results matter and so does your time, so let us help you build a productive, engaged workforce that will help keep your company moving forward.

Retained Search

Find the perfect employee at any level. In a fast-paced and competitive business environment, it is not always possible to hire staff using a traditional approach. Using ProNexus for Retained Search means we work exclusively with you, evaluating talent against our agreed-upon criteria, understanding the company culture and role, in order to ultimately lower your risk of an unsuitable hire. We guarantee delivery.

Areas of Expertise

Let us take the pressure off your C-suite search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interim Management?

Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim resource to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization.

Interim Management can mean anything from managers to executives. Managers could be just managers and not executives. ProNexus provides interim accounting and finance services from manager all the way up to executive.

Our people have a track record of taking initiative, are organizationally aware, with excellent project management and communication skills. Pronexus interim management differs from consultants because they assume executive responsibility with a clear mandate to act on the client’s behalf.

They are generally over-qualified for the assignments they undertake and have extensive functional and industry experience. They have successfully addressed similar accounting and finance issues to those faced by their clients. Available immediately, their skills closely match the needs of the client.

Most of the interim resources selected by ProNexus have over 20 years of industry experience and have chosen Interim Management or Consulting as a career path that enables them to deploy their knowledge.

What kind of companies would benefit from Interim Management?

The simple answer is all companies that need to manage issues outside their current capacity or their capabilities. Demand for Interim Management is coming from virtually all sectors.

Some typical events that would trigger this would include turnover, medical leave, retirement, etc.

What are the advantages of Interim Management?

The main advantage is a business result brought about by instant access to high-caliber management talent. Significant numbers of our clients tell us that Interim Managers add value beyond the scope of the assignment.

Why would an organization retain an Interim resource rather than hiring additional staff?

An organization might find itself in a transitional period where there is an immediate need to maintain productivity, but the organization is not ready or not able to fill that need with a permanent position. This could occur, for example during a search for a CFO, during a period of rapid change or a crisis or when the management needs have not yet become clearly defined, etc.

But wouldn’t employees be more committed to an organization than an Interim Resource?

This is a common concern among first-time buyers. However, the opposite holds true, typically Interim Resources have made a commitment to help our clients meet their objectives. They are only as good as their last assignment and live on their references.

What are differences between an Interim Manager and a Management Consultant?

Consultants are usually employed by large consulting organizations with inflexible methodologies and large overheads. However closely they work with the client – management consultants are ultimately responsible and accountable to the consultancy. An Interim Manager becomes a full member of the management team of the client company for the duration of the Interim Management engagement. As an independent expert, they will operate as part of your team, rather than as an employee of an external organization.

Interim Managers tend to be sensibly over-qualified for the engagement so that they are immediately effective, while many junior consultants tend to learn on the job.

If Interim Accountants are so good, why do they choose uncertainty?

Interim Accountants are entrepreneurs, independent by nature, and have chosen Interim Management as a career path. Often Interim Resources are classified as “temporary professionals” but at ProNexus we like to avoid language like that. Our resources are over qualified and they like the challenge, variety, and flexibility that the interim work offers, and they find it rewarding.

What if I want to hire the Interim Manager?

ProNexus does a great job matching our clients to an interim resource and as a result clients will approach us about making a full-time hire. When this occurs, ProNexus will work with our interim resource to facilitate the transfer (if that is what our interim resource also wants) and would charge the client a buyout fee in this scenario.

The advantage to the client is that they would be able to effectively test the resource before hiring them and minimize their risk of a wrong hire. When this happens, we see it as a win-win-win.

However, if our interim resource is set on a life of consulting/interim work (as many are) then we can also work with the client to find a permanent hire. ProNexus also has a Retained Search practice to help clients find the perfect employee at any level.

What is the cost of an Interim Resource?

Daily fees vary according to several criteria, including market price, complexity of the assignment, level of the function, estimated duration of the assignment, and the risk level of the company, etc.

Clients are only required to pay for the actual time worked by the interim resource. The client always remains in control of costs, by agreeing on the number of days/hours to be worked in advance and afterward certifying the numbers of days/hours to be invoiced.

How cost-effective is Interim Management?

Many may dismiss the use of interim resources because they are under the impression, they cannot afford them. However, the cost of engaging an interim resource could end up being less than hiring a permanent member of staff just to take care of a specific project.

A recent survey of clients suggests that most organizations who have tried Interim Management will use it again.

Is an Interim Resource an employee or a consultant?

The interim resource would be retained as a consultant on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. The organization would not be responsible for benefits, insurance, taxes, etc.

How long is an average Interim Management Assignment?

Typically, 3-9 months, but they can be as short as two weeks or as long as several years.

How long will it take for an Interim Resource to become effective?

They are immediately operational. The interim finance and accounting professionals ProNexus selects for any particular assignment would have experience in your industry and will often have encountered challenges similar to yours.

As a matter of fact, our clients often benefit from our interim resources’ experience before the assignment starts, when we involve him/her during the scoping phase.

What happens if the scope of an Interim Management engagement changes mid-stream?

The interim management model is highly flexible and adaptable. All changes can be handled in a managed way using a project management-based approach to ensure clarity for all stakeholders. If there is an impact on the original contracted period, this is easily addressed as the standard contract includes a provision for modifications to tenure, if necessary.

How does an Interim Resource transition out at the end of the assignment?

In instances where there is a permanent job at the end of the engagement, the interim resource acts as a mentor/coach in transferring knowledge to the permanent hire and turning over an action plan that will assure that momentum is not lost, and an orderly transition will take place. In any case, the interim resource will provide detailed documentation and handover required by the client.

What happens when the job is completed?

The interim resource will generally provide sufficient documentation and personal handover to their permanent replacement to enable the new incumbent to get off to a good start. If required, ProNexus will help you define or redefine the role and help with selection.

If you need any further help in the future or if you would like a monitoring service, ProNexus is always available to provide this on an as-needed basis.

How does ProNexus find their Consultants/Interim Resources?

We proactively recruit talent daily – accepting applications and evaluating candidates who are interested in interim assignments. ProNexus also has a vast network and strategic alliances with local CPA firms. We carefully evaluate candidates and perform background checks, so all resources are ready to go when an engagement comes up.

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